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Educational Entertainment Welcomes Newest Artist, BuddieRoe

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Educational Entertainment (ED ENT) has a mission to Educate, Entertain and Evolve and part of the evolution process is providing a platform for artists that want to positively connect with youth through their music. While ED ENT has worked with several artists through programming like Reading With A Rapper (RWAR) and RWAR Unplugged, BuddieRoe is the first artist officially signed to the label.

That’s right! ED ENT not only has a hand in literacy and youth engagement initiatives but is also a music label with the future goal of bringing more artists into the fold like BuddieRoe - starting with his first project under ED ENT entitled Lost & Found, slated to drop March 31, 2023.

Houston, Texas native, BuddieRoe is a talented MC that burst into the city’s music scene with a wave of well-received collaborations with artists such as Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Delorean, and Doughbeezy. ED ENT collaborated with BuddieRoe for a series of RWAR events starting in 2018. After realizing BuddieRoe’s potential when it came to impacting youth through literacy, ED ENT made the promise to utilize Buddie in what could possibly be his “true calling.”

“We are beyond excited to have BuddieRoe as the premiere artist for ED ENT. He will help usher in a new generation of artists to impact our youth,” says ED ENT Co-Founder, Jarren Small. “We believe that BuddieRoe’s true calling is his ability to inspire through his music and we want to support his abilities.”

Students that will go through the Reading With A Rapper program this spring will exclusively study BuddieRoe’s upcoming album, Lost & Found before its release in March 31 and will have a chance to meet the ED ENT artist before the program concludes.

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