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Teachers and members of our education system have to fall under the category of thankless 

people in our society. Parents are allotted  8+ hours of relief from their children everyday and not just by a babysitter, but by a qualified individual that enriches your children’s minds with knowledge. And although teachers have Teacher’s Appreciation Week, the serving teachers and administration still have to go to work and MIGHT receive a gift from students. But we want to show our gratitude in a different way.



Reading With A Rapper  & The Houston Astros Foundation presents Teachers Appreciation Weekend (TAW). During National Teachers Appreciation Week (May 9th-11th, 2024) we are inviting teachers, wrap around specialist,  from all over the Greater Houston area to participate in a week of future planning, celebrations, and scholarships.

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The Daphne Hoard National Teacher Fund will be designed to assist teachers across the country who exhibit the qualities possessed during her time as a teacher in order to impact generations to come. This Fund will allow teachers to apply for financial assistance throughout the academic year. The general public & Companies can donate to this fund year-round. Teacher scholarships will be given to the teachers throughout the 2024-25 school year.
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