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Empowering Parents, Districts, and Schools with RWAR+

 Introduction TO Reading With A Rapper

Reading with A Rapper (RWAR) was created to relate ELA academics with socially conscious lyrics, video content, and technology. Through this platform we can relate and uplift our youth socially and academically to skills necessary to thrive in Secondary and Collegiate Level courses.


RWAR+, in partnership with Legends Do Live and Microsoft, announces a groundbreaking grant initiative aimed at transforming literacy education across communities. This grant seeks to engage districts, schools, and parents through the innovative "Reading With A Rapper Plus'' (RWAR+) curriculum, addressing literacy challenges by integrating music, technology, and culturally relevant content. Founded on the mission to enhance ELA academics with socially conscious lyrics and technology, RWAR+ aims to uplift youth academically and socially. The RWAR program aligns with each State's Literacy Guidelines, including the Science of Reading. 


Reading With A Rapper & RWAR+ employs research-backed strategies to tackle the pressing issue of literacy, addressing the significant number of students reading below grade level and high dropout rates. The program, through an 8-week digital curriculum, has proven effective in improving literacy rates, standardized test scores, and student engagement.

Grant details

  • Focus Areas: Enhancing literacy with music, technology, and culturally relevant content.

  • Award Amount: Complimentary access to the RWAR+ curriculum for one semester, with opportunities for continued access at discounted rates.

  • Eligibility: Aimed at educational institutions and communities grappling with challenges due to socioeconomic disparities, low literacy rates, or below-average test scores.


The RWAR+ grant is crafted to support schools and districts (AT LARGE) facing challenges in technology integration and literacy improvement, especially those in contexts of socioeconomic adversity:

  • Socioeconomic Challenges: Schools or districts within communities facing significant socio economic hurdles or with limited educational resources.

  • Low Literacy Rates: Institutions where literacy rates are below average, indicating a need for innovative literacy education solutions.

  • Below-Average Test Scores: Schools or districts with standardized literacy test scores below average, showing a critical need for literacy interventions.

  • Applicants should describe their challenges and how RWAR+'s implementation could foster significant improvements in literacy outcomes and student engagement.

  • Must live in or be located in  Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia,Michigan, New York. For Phase 1 implementation.

What Does The Grant Entail?

The grants terms are for Three Years  and come with the following: 


  • One Semester for free of RWAR 

  • 2 Full School years at an 80% discounted price of $100.

  • Pending the number of students, could result in deeper discount to district or school. 

  • One Professional development for teachers' event (Teachers Appreciation Weekend)

  • One signature literacy event Hip Hop Spelling Bee & Literacy Fair 

  • One in school event (Classroom Concert) per school year (Or district wide)

If you have additional questions, email us at

We will update this document regularly with common questions we receive.

Application process

1. Visit the Application Portal below

2. Prepare Your Submission: Detail plans for RWAR+ implementation and parent engagement.

3. Complete the Application Form: Showcase your project's innovation, impact, and alignment with RWAR+'s goals.


Discovery (June/July): Evaluate the fit and potential for broad RWAR+ implementation.


Agreement & Training (July/August): Formalize partnership and engage in educator training, emphasizing strategies for parent engagement. This phase includes preparing tools and events designed for parent participation and support.


Implementation (September/October): Launch RWAR+ across your institution, fostering an inclusive learning environment with tools and events designed for parent participation and support.


Innovation: Proposals integrating literacy with music and technology creatively.

Impact: Potential for significant enhancements in ELA skills and student engagement.

Alignment: Strong connection with RWAR+'s mission for educational transformation.

 Desired Impact

Broad Engagement: Every student and parent benefits from RWAR+.

Inclusive Change: Incorporating parents in literacy development efforts.

Sustainability: Long-term strategies for expanding the program's impact and parent/community involvement.

 Support and Inquiries

For further details or assistance:


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